All instruction is custom designed, personalized, and goal oriented. 

Programs may be six, eight, or twelve weeks long with students meeting the instructor twice weekly.  Shorter versions of the same model are available for those who need only review or light instruction and support.

Students should consider:

1) What do I want from this instruction

2) What steps do I need to take to achieve these goals 

If the student is not sure, the instructor will help the student understand, clarify, and articulate the desired goals and the necessary steps to achievement.  Personal responsibility and integrity is emphasized in all instruction.  Tutors and classroom teachers can lead, instruct, and compassionately guide but, ultimately, real academic success is based on student commitment.   

Students are given pre- and post-tests in all instruction to help each see measurable progress.

NOTE: 24-hour notice is required for all non-emergency cancellations.

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