For College Preparation and Support

Writing, Reading, Thinking Across the Curriculum

A guide to the basic principles of critical and analytical thinking, reading, and writing for academic tasks and thoughtful living.  Skills such as the ability to read and summarize, paraphrase, analyze, evaluate, perform research tasks and synthesize information will be addressed.  Texts for discussion and analysis are chosen to fit each student’s situation.

College Success Skills

Topics and tips include: time management; responsibility and responsiveness; basic problem solving; navigating the campus; where, when and how to seek help; interpersonal skills (including how to establish a successful relationship with college professors); the do’s and don’ts of your interaction with campus personnel. Special attention is given to first generation college students of all backgrounds.

Basic Tutoring

Tutoring and support for specific needs, including clarification of material, test preparation, and review. Instruction is more limited in scope, but even at the most basic level, students are encouraged to incorporate the basic principle of holistic learning in their study practice.

We specialize in all aspects of language arts. Our areas include: beginning and advanced writing; professional writing and communication; rhetoric; American, English, and world literatures.

Spanish, German, and Russian modern languages are included in our instruction.

Valuable for all entering or who plan to enter an institution of higher education

For Learners of All Backgrounds

ESOL : English as a Language for Speakers of Other Languages

Individual language instruction in English for speakers of other languages.  Adult learners of all ages and educational backgrounds who would like to enhance their English speaking and writing skills are encouraged to apply. Instruction is in a secure and private setting that is designed to increase confidence and comfort.

Students are given pre- and post-tests in all instruction to help each see measurable progress.

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